5 comments on “Traveling Again

  1. hey harrison! its awesome that you got to go to camp…it is a nice break from school i know. and haha i just wanted to say that i think about the alleged moment “now” and how it doesnt really exist too. its good to know that i am not the only one who finds themselves in strange places when left to think 😉 well i hope this week is better for you, i really do. god bless!

  2. Harrison, this is from Pascal to further play into the discussion that is going on in your head:”We never keep to the present. We recall the past; we anticipate the future as if we found it too slow in coming and were trying to hurry it up, or we recall the past as if to stay its too rapid flight. We are so unwise that we wander about in times that do not belong to us, and do not think of the only one that does; so vain that we dream of times that are not and blindly flee the only one that is. The fact is that the present usually hurts. We thrust it out of sight because it distresses us, and if we find it enjoyable, we are sorry to see it slip away. We try to give it the support of the future, and think how we are going to arrange things over which we have no control for a time we can never be sure of reaching.Let each of us examine his thoughts; he will find them wholly concerned with the past or the future. We almost never think of the present, and if we do think of it, it is only to see what light it throws on our plans for the future. The present is never our end. The past and the present are our means, the future alone our end. Thus we never actually live, but hope to live, and since we are always planning how to be happy, it is inevitable that we should never be so.”I think this is an interesting observation. It neglects that we look forward to the joys of heaven, but I Pascal talks about that in other places. Anyways, something else to consider…

  3. Hate to be picky, especially in response to a really quality post, but I can’t imagine Shakespeare pioneered the idea of art/writing being the only way to keep the “now” from slipping away.  I can at least point to the 5th century BC author Hippocrates (who was probably speaking about an idea already in the collective consciousness of Greek thinkers) who spoke to the same thing.  I can’t use Greek characters, but the Latin equivalent (in Seneca) was “vita brevis, ars longa,” (Longfellow translates: “art is long, and time is fleeting.”  Word.  Sometimes I love my major, so I didn’t want this opportunity to share pass me by.  I’m glad you’re thinking, and that Camp was as you remembered it.

  4. if i were to be deeply honest with you, i’d tell you that your comment hurt my heart. in the words of mick jagger, you can’t always get what you want, but you find sometimes, you get what you need. and, right now, what i want and what i need is not lining up. and that’s how it works. you can’t always get what you want. if i got what i wanted, i would go back in time to april and change all of this. but i can’t, and now its shit. so, yeah.

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