4 comments on “The Balancing of Things

  1. well once again I agree with you completely. You are very bright person Harrison, I wish I could put my thoughts into words with as much ease as you do. I cant wait till christmas, or my birthday, or next summer…but your entry made me think of soemthing. When you say seize the day you really need to do that. Take it by force and never let go. Because lets face it, when we say “Well If I could just….” or “When I do this…” then we will be happy. But those moments will fleet just as quickly as the last time they happened. But what is holding us back from being that happy in this moment. Alot of things I think. Bruce Springsteen once said that “Everything in your life is relevant when you hear a song. From the time of the day, to what you are drinking, all these things matter when a certain track or album hits you.” So I mean summer was awesome, but it was everythign about summer. the people, the weather, the lake…everything. So the trick is to look at the whole spectrum of events in your life right now and find your joy in those. My scented candle, my vanilla mint chapstick, my feet that are freezing, the gum I am chewing…etc. But then I have to ask myself the question, why does it seem that living in memories is more satisfying than living right now?

  2. “Is Ratatat any good yet?” Not sure what they were before, if that’s waht you mean, but sure–in keeping with your post-theme–I enjoy them in their present incarnation.  I think the issue of learning to live in the present runs parallel to sanctification.  Surely they’re related, and surely before we die we will never learn to leave presently, perfectly.  But if Heaven’s the “eternal present,” someday we’ll have it figured out.  Good thinkin’.

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