7 comments on “February: Please Leave

  1. Ahem… I like February, thank you very much! Why is all the blame on February? What about January? It’s a pretty crappy month, you know. It’s a winter month just like February. And how about March? I mean, if you hate the winter and you’re not happy until April, at least have the decency to hate January, February and March equally. But I say stop the hate! Don’t be a hater, be a roller skater! February is quite a considerate month. Have you ever noticed that every year it’s sensitive to our winter depression and ends early for us? God wants you to love everybody, Harrison! Anger is of the devil! Love February!!

  2. An addendum:In past february posts, I believe I have pointed out the facts. February has no holidays. Please don’t say Valentines Day. President’s Day? Whats that. It is the coldest month. There is little to look forward to (hold on I’ll get to it). Pete and Pete have described February as “the soul sucking stretch between going back to school and spring break.” You shovel snow, you lose your tan, and you likely get less exercise. Januaray: at least in virginia its typically 70 degrees at least once and going back to school rocks. March: Spring Break. Need I say more?Yet. Ahem. Yet. Through all of this torture and misery comes one single sun beam of silver lining. And that glimmer of hope is…Susannah turns 21.

  3. Hey, saw that you mentioned on Gray’s wall that CWR still needs leaders.  Can I get an application too, just in case?  If I get the Fellows job I applied for at Davidson, I’d have to start in July, and I’m still supposedly hearing back from Woody about working on the Vineyard, but I’d like to have a quality back-up option.  Unless I wouldn’t be able to work at CWR if I miss that first week (for Iceland), which would be understandable.

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