2 comments on “March Madness

  1. the FORMER, you dingdong. I filled out a bracket with just VT going to the top because my roommate made me. Not that my roommate is a bad guy. We’re from central North Carolina, you see, and when March comes around, basketball takes over. In all honesty it makes for some good times with the church folk.But I agree, there is something awfully wrong with the way America idolizes sports. Maybe you’ve just found the wrong people to talk to? I can find many more than one here among my friends who don’t give a whip about basketball (although this year it might be harder seeing as Tech was actually in the NCAA.) Don’t fret it, Harry. Let’s chat sometime.

  2. i think that you should do what you like doing and not feel bad about it. you don’t have to justify your lack of interest, and you don’t have to stereotype or criticize other people.sports fanaticism is a symptom, not actually a problem.

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