3 comments on “The Bitter-Sweet Spring

  1. i loved singing this song with you in the car last night.. even though times are tough for both of us.. its nice to be there together, you know?thanks for being wonderful, i’m glad we’re continuing to get to be closer friends. :)see you tonight?and hey. we should get tattoos.

  2. It gladdens me to know that you like hellogoodbye…haven’t heard too much of their stuff, I discovered them via some middle schoolers I know. There was a period of time when they all had hellogoodbye as their myspace background music. I’ll admit I was concerned that I liked them as much as I did. But then again, one of them has Everclear as one of their favorite bands, so you know these kids have some taste! Because Everclear was my favorite band in the 8th grade. …God is working all things out??!

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