3 comments on “My Life Lately

  1. Interesting!  Your last paragraph (last sentence particularly) points well to the quote you’ve got up at the top of the page.  I’ve heard a lot about “christian depression,” but never the opposite–do you know anyone else who’s similarly “afflicted”?
    Where are the essays coming from on Romanticism/Consciousness?  I’d love to read into that.  I”ve only studied the sublime from an art history perspective, but I’m intrigued.
    And I’m posting this comment anonymously because i can no longer sign into my xanga account (lame?)

  2. All your talk about movies makes me think you should have attended a few at the Virginia Film Festival last weekend! It was going on all weekend at the Paramount, Newcomb Hall, and the Regal at the Downtown Mall. I even came down for a few myself.

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