3 comments on “I Saw God In Shakespeare

  1. “If I believe something is true – earth shatteringly true – shouldn’t that affect every area of my life? Shouldn’t it take away my fear of having people’s opinions of me change? Am I serving two gods: my faith and my reputation? Where is this cup of boldness, so I may drink of it and proclaim what I know to be true – regardless of to whom I speak.”i feel ya, harrison. and when you find the cup, mind sharing? 🙂

  2. i just wrote 775 words in response to this post… let me know if you want to read it/have me post it. My internet acted up and thus prevented me from explaining verbosely how I too find it’s so hard to be real in public about having faith in Jesus. Though it dealt more about being in CHS and trying to figure out how speak Jesus in people’s lives through opportunities in that space.

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