One comment on “Neo-Paganism and The Great Unknowable Spirit

  1. ask me about my opinion on the gods of hawaii. okay i didn’t meet any gods, and i don’t think there are really any gods there, but when I was there i kept referencing the gods because the geography is so crazy you feel like you are in a place where the gods reside. I actually wrote a really disjointed piece that referenced a lot of mythology because that was what i was inspired to write. I felt like i was in the pacific version of olympus. And the hike i did… it was a very spiritual place. Really cool, and not malevolent,not dark necessarily, but definitely had some sacred feel to it that i didn’t know what to do with it and didn’t know the source and couldn’t figure out (didn’t really want to). But there’s a reason why so many hippies live there. I think there’s a spiritual realm, with spiritual forces, and it’s beyond us and what we can know. I think that’s why we have to balance our ties to the supernatural with our humanness. I don’t know exactly what I mean by that but i want to say in some sense our humanness is a gift, because our physical bodies limit our spiritual selves. Why i think it’s a good thing we can perceive or know to much about supernatural things, i couldn’t telly you. But maybe, it’s because we have some supernatural senses that perceive it, but perhaps are underdeveloped and can lead us in crazy paths and that’s why I think it’s good we are creatures because problems perhaps arise from analyzing too much things of the spiritual nature… but, oh, i forget where i was going with that idea. so, yes. to all your questions. i sort of answered them vaguely in a story. if you could call it a story, it’s the weirdest thing i’ve written, and not finished. There’s a line that went something about asking my brother who teaches me how to love all “the mothers and fathers ” present in this world. mothers and fathers referring to some gods of culture and nature. i think the piece was trying to dissect all the forces that influence as human beings, for good or bad, and trying to identify their different forms ( it wasn’t so friendly to some forces within the american church, but it wasn’t trying to reject church, just some of the forces within it that produce bad fruit). yep. i’m sure in england you’ll experience all sorts of different types of spiritual forces… like celtic stuff and european stuff and modern culture stuff. i think that’s one cool thing about traveling, learning how foreign the earth can be, and yet, it was created by the same God, who we claim to know. But i don’t think we can really know him, until we know who and what he has created. He didn’t chose all peoples right off the bat to be united to him, but he did create them and probably bestowed upon them different gifts and traits… and half the whole testament is about describing these other peoples and their gods. okay, i’m stopping before i write another essay! thanks for the thought provoking words!

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