One comment on “Kampala and Rafting the Nile

  1. Harrison!!

    You are THE MAN!! I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying these posts of yours, on a very sophisticated Website/Blogsite, whatever you’ll call it. it is terrific, in a word. Reading the Crazy Stuff, and about rafting the Nile, brought some good memories in the Grand Canyon. Great memories. A mouse in the toaster, huh? That would drive Ann nuts. (Just how nuts was the aerobic class, anyway? For a guy who is used to Navy SEAL workouts?) That reminds me, Davis Jr’.s last night as a civilian is May 16. Time is getting close for him. He’s in great shape, having past the USAF’s ultra-fitness test twice already. His serious girl-friend, Sarah, isn’t too pleased about his taking off, but I think they have reached some kind of understanding. If he makes it through the “Indoc” class, the part of Pararescueman training that is the main “weed-out” section, maybe they’ll at least get formally engaged. It seems like a foregone conclusion, but I guess you never know. That girl, Davy, sure looks cute. Got to have a great heart, too, to head for Uganda, even if you are there. Way glad you got your laptop back. I can only imagine how bereft you would have felt had it disappeared. I love the guide dude in the middle picture above; he’s so happy everyone has left the boat that he’s doing a flip to celebrate. Can’t quite see Jeremy doing that for me, had I left the vessel somewhere along the way in the Grand. Your poetry is way over my head. Gorgeous, but I need a lot more time to reflect on it than I have available right now. Will hit 60 in November. Had some back issues in mid-December. Came back strong with an epidural followed by 26 therapy sessions. Haven’t done squat for about seven weeks, though, courtesy of the “season” arriving at Desert Mountain. Very busy, not much to show for it, sort of difficult. Need to get better at worrying less; reminding myself more often that nothing is worth having my body fall apart. Was doing CrossFit and having a blast when my three herniated disks showed up, on Dec. 14, with a four-iron in my hand, getting warmed up for a rare golf lesson. Therapy guy says he may let me go back to CrossFit, but not before I spend a month with his more conventional strength and conditioning coach, unstarted yet.

    What a great, great experience you are having. Please keep the blog going so all your friends, everywhere, can keep up and keep getting inspired.

    Very best regards,

    Davis Sr.

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