4 comments on “Marriage in the US

  1. Bro – love the article. Thanks so much for it. “Stop them being assholes” lesson plan! Love it! So true. Also love the questions a lot of people don’t ask. We’re so ‘busy’ chasing things you’re right, we don’t even think to ask those questions.

    I would say one thing. Yes, America needs the gospel. We all do. But we should also be working to help those marriages and work to change this scary attitude towards marriage even for those who don’t, and may not ever, come to accept the truth of the crucifixion and resurrection. So actually, I am agreeing with you because working for the good of our neighbour is part of the gospel and honours God, whether those people ever repent or not (of course we long for them to do so). How do change the culture in this area is another matter. Let’s think and pray this through.

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