The UK

This is a description of my job last year in the United Kingdom.  As an American, I wanted to get away for a little while.  It’s a great country but I needed a break.  So just before finishing up school at UVA, I looked around for jobs that would let me teach out of the country.  I also wanted to be an English teacher, so that was a factor.  I found a fellowship that sends Americans to England for one year to teach in great English prep schools.

I was a dorm resident in charge of 40 8th grade boys, I taught English, civics, psychology, and current affairs, I coached the cross country team, and I traveled.  I also helped out with a Christianity Explored class where some of the boys from our house came to accept Christ into their lives.


3 comments on “The UK

  1. Came across your blog last summer and I have been following you ever since. Without coming across as a weird stalker or sounding off the violins in the background by saying a melodramatic sentiment, I first want to start by saying thank you for sharing your journey, which in itself represents a great gift you are willing to offer. You don’t know me and I don’t personally know you, but your postings have challenged me and taught me a lot about myself. From your trip to Uganda, your love of art/music and your life in America, you give so much of yourself through your emotions and feelings at the time. All but this part of your life- your time in England. It may have just been a passing stop in your life, but for some reason I want to know more about it, if you are willing to share it.

    Furthermore a big congratulations on your acceptance and work in the Air force! For many is a either a psychological or physiological breaker, so please stay strong and remember your maker!


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